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There is a difference between stray cats and feral cats.  A stray cat was generally a companion animal that was lost or abandoned.  They can usually be re-socialized and placed in an adoptive home.  However, a feral cat is a cat that was born to a stray or feral mother and has had little or no human contact.  


If kittens are born in the wild there is a window of opportunity to socialize them and place them in an adoptive home.  The best time to work with feral kittens is between 4 and 8 weeks. That is the time when they will begin to wean off their mother.  Trained staff will know exactly how to best socialize these kittens to prepare them for a new home. 


Greene County has an overabundance of feral and stray cats.  These cats are reproducing at alarming rates.  A consistent TNR program will help eliminate the suffering that these cat colonies go through due to weather, food scarcity and other dangers. 

The Greene County Animal Alliance will work very closely with all the towns and villages throughout the county to identify stray and feral cats and begin successful TNR programs.

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